Vets Pool Update

Vets Park Pool is closed for the start of the season. Here's why.

Vets Park Pool is closed for the start of the season. Here’s why.

Like many families on the west side of town, my kids have been sad that the Vets Park pool isn’t yet open. Bill Meeks, the staffperson in charge of the pool, shared the explanation for the closure below.

As people have discussed the closure, some residents have also raised other concerns about condition at Vets Park Pool. Chip Smith and I will be meeting with staff in early July to discuss these issues, so if you have positive or negative feedback to give on Vets Park Pool overall please let me know. You can email [email protected] or call 734-972-8304.

Here’s the update.

Hello everyone,
I wanted to take this opportunity to address all of you regarding the issues at Vets Pool. I know you are very frustrated with the situation, as am I and my staff. I want to first give you a recap of the pool since I took over in August of 2013. 

When I started at Vets, Jason Nealis from Buhr Park had been covering both pools after the departure of the previous supervisor. The major issue that the pool faced was a severe leak that caused water to seep through the concrete deck near the deep end. However, there was an occasional issue with cloudiness.  At the start of the next pool season, we re-caulked the edge of the gutters to stop the leak which worked well until the material started to peel off. I also took the season to evaluate the cloudiness, but it was very random.

Last summer saw multiple issues arise as the leak continued (in another location that wasn’t apparent) and caused our supply pit to be lower than usual, which allowed air in to the system. That caused air bubbles to be blown in to pool giving it a cloudy look. We also had a very cloudy deep end more often than ever before. We had several pool companies evaluate the problems but none of them were 100% sure of the causes. We (Parks Administration, city engineer and public works administration) decided to take the best options for this year.

Step 1 was to fix the leak. We hired American Leak Detection to remove the old caulk and replace with a marine quality product that would survive in chlorinated water. From what we’ve seen so far, that worked. Step 2 was to improve filtration to clear up the cloudiness. We had to obtain quotes for replacing the sand in the filter and replacing some of the valves in the plumbing. The lowest bid went to Pool Company A, and unfortunately they didn’t perform the quality of work we needed. We brought Pool Company B in and they discovered damage in the filter that would require replacement of very critical parts. Due to the age of our filter, these parts had to be made from scratch. That would require drawings to be approved, engineering approval and then be placed in line for manufacturing. Basically it took time. More time than we had hoped.  Once Pool Company B received the parts last week, they found that that were not suitable for installation and went back to the filter company to replace them immediately. Now we are waiting for the filter company to acquire more material to make these replacement parts. I wish I could give a time when we think we’ll have everything ready to open, but I’ve learned that we won’t be sure until everything is installed and we pass inspection.

As I said, I know that you are frustrated with the fact that we are not open. My staff has barely been able to work and we’ve had to move programming and rentals to other pools. This is not the start of summer we had planned for, but I am confident that our cloudiness issues will be resolved once this work is complete. I hope this gives you a little solace that we are trying our best and have unfortunately run in to more problems than expected.