1 Sister Lake and Stormwater–Moving Ahead For Water Quality

1st Sister Lake. (Source)

1st Sister Lake. (Source)

1st Sister Lake is a delightful lake on the west side of town and a real gem for birders and nature lovers. Sadly, stormwater runoff from the neighborhood has been one of the factors speeding eutrophication of the lake.

This is an old issue, and while taking steps like shifting from on-street leaf pickup to bagged leaf pickup has helped somewhat, the concern remains.

Thanks to the consistent efforts of neighborhood activists like Lenny Kafka and Scott Rosencrans who have brought the issue up to council members, the Parks Advisory Commission, and and others, last year the City did a review of a decades-old study of ways to mitigate the problem in light of current best management practices.

Out of that, in the proposed FY17 budget, there is currently $225,000 proposed as a capital project to make some of the changes. (You have to scroll all the way down to page 335 to see the listing.)

There’s a little more detail in the Capital Improvements Plan, stormwater section, page 30.

So, long story short, if all goes according to plan, we will have taken specific, concrete steps to improve water quality in First Sister Lake and to protect this City treasure.