The power of just getting started, testimonials, and free food

This morning I attended the kickoff for the getDowntown Commuter Challenge and I saw the power of just getting started, of testimonials, and of free food.

The power of just getting started

At the kickoff event, several people talked about how they switched from driving alone to work to using sustainable transportation (bus, bike, carpool, walk, etc.).

What struck me is that for many of them the biggest barrier was just getting started. It was to take that first bus trip, that first bike trip, or to arrange that first carpool.

After that, the people who spoke were hooked. Many of them have been able to save a lot of money, a lot of time, improve their health, and make friends. They’re hooked.

But it took them to first get started.

So if you’re trying to promote lifestyle changes, remember the power of helping people just get started.

The power of testimonials

What I really appreciated at the event was that the people who spoke gave their own personal stories. They weren’t paid spokespeople. They were individuals who have seen their own quality of life improve by taking sustainable transportation.

Their first-person testimonials were moving. They were convincing. They helped me get excited about the commuter challenge.

These testimonials were powerful.

How can you harness the power of testimonials to advance your mission?

The power of free food

I care about sustainable transportation. I bike to work almost every day, all year round.

But that alone was not enough to convince me to show up at the kickoff event.

What got me there was the promise of free food (especially since it was good free food from Zingermans and Roos Roast).

Yes, we all wish that we could get people involved just becuase it is the Right Thing ®. But in truth, often self interst comes in, even if it’s something as basic as wanting free food.

Hey, it works on me. Let the power of free food work for you.

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