Ranking prospects to choose who to follow up with

I picked up another great tip from Tools for Radical Democracy by Minieri and Getsos.

In their amazing chapeter on recruitment, they recommend recruiting new activists with one-on-one conversations. That’s nothing new, but what I hadn’t thought of systematizing was doing a quick rank of prospects so you know who you most want to follow up with.

Minieri and Getsos recommend a 3-point ranking.

Does someone really get it? Do they seem like they really want to get involved? That’s the person you most want to follow up with. He’s a 1. You want to make sure you get back to him and soon.

That person who is interested in the issue but doesn’t necessarily seem keen on getting involved? You still want to follow up with her, but she’s not as high of a priority. She’s a 2.

And that guy who signs your petition to get you out of his way? He’s not worth a lot of time. He gets a 3. Keep him on your list for suveys and such, but you don’t want to put a lot of time into him.

Now, this is something most of us get intuitively. It’s not rocket science to follow up with the people who are the best prospects for getting involved.

What I like about this is the idea of creating a system for identifying who those best prospects are and recording it right then and there so you don’t forget.

2 thoughts on “Ranking prospects to choose who to follow up with

  1. Mark

    Chuck, as union organizers – we do this as a matter of practice. It is crucial to being effective.

    I was on a organizing drive in which 20 people talked to 2700 people in less than 30 days. We needed to be organized and efficient.

    The thing is that people don’t understand why you are taking notes. But it is simply to remember who isn’t interested and who to follow up with.

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, I think this is one of the great lessons from union organizing that cause groups have not really learned yet.


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