Follow up…with a personal touch

Yesterday I posted about the importance of following up quickly. Let me add one more point to that: follow up with a personal touch.

Again to quote from Tools for Radical Democracy, “Adhere to a twenty-four- to forty-eight-hour rule: within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you call people with potential and have a deeper conversation” (emphasis added).

You call people.

That’s a personal contact. It’s human-to-human, and in this age of electronic bombardment, it’s a rare and valuable thing.

In Milk, there’s a great scene where Cleve is rallying people to come out for a demonstration. What does he do, he goes out to the phone booth and he calls people. They spread the word, and soon the streets are filled.

Follow up. Quickly. Personally. It’s the heart of organzing.

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