The power of enthusiastic support

I’ve already told you how I think part of what makes Lynn Rosetto-Casper a great radio host is that she is a dream feeder.

I saw again the power of enthusiasm in getting people engaged.

Recently I attended a house meeting for a political campaign, and I was amazed to see how supportive and enthusiastic the organizer was.

When someone suggested and idea for how they could support the campaign, the organizer gushed with positive feedback and encouragement for the volunteer to take on that project.

Do you want to register voters in a senior center? That’s a great idea! Good thinking! Go for it.

Even I found myself committing to more than I had bargained for at the meeting. I started out planning just to say that I would run the Detroit Marathon as a fundraiser for this candidate. Soon, the organizer had me thinking bigger about how we could recruit other runners to do the same thing and to make it an event.

How can you get more out of your volunteers and activists? Cheer them on!

2 thoughts on “The power of enthusiastic support

  1. TeacherPatti

    Same goes for teaching, I’ve found. If I am all rah!rah! fractions are awesome!, the kids usually respond in kind. When I taught government, I likewise found that you could actually get people excited about the three branches of government by showing Schoolhouse Rock and being really excited.

    PS: Nice running in to you :)

  2. Chuck Warpehoski

    Cooking, teaching, organizing, wherever, enthusiasm goes a long way.

    This is actually something I’m not very good at. I tend to be a bit flat in my enthusiasm, and sometimes I’ve over-studied organizing so that I’m not excited about what isn’t ideal.

    That’s my bad. I should be excited about people’s initiatives, just like you need to show excitement about learning fractions.

    PS: Thanks for the tip on the Corner Brewery new beer. Enthusiasm also applies to hops ;-)


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