Monthly Archives: August 2008

Want great meetings? Talk less

What’s a great meeting? Part of it is that everyone can participate. The talkative people don’t talk too much, and the quieter people get a chance to talk.

Some places formalize this by asking people to “step up/step back.” That is, if you’re quiet, set up and speak up. If you’re talkative, step back and listen up.

But some folks really have a challenge stepping back.

The Chief Happiness Officer blog offers up Five simple ways to STFU in meetings

  1. Put your hand over your mouth
  2. Ask some great questions
  3. Keep track of how often you blab
  4. Notice how you feel when you’re quiet
  5. Ask yourself a simple question: “Is what I’m about to say something I need to say or something the other participants need to hear?”

(For the acronym challenged, STFU is “Shut the F**k up.)

Great suggestions, and thank you to Jeff Brooks for the recommendation.