How is your tag line?

Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention has just come out with an new Nonprofit Tagline Report that is awesome!

I’m still digesting the extensive report, but she does a great job of distilling a lot of research into taglines into easy-to-understand concepts and lists.

For example, her   include:

  • Must convey your nonprofit’s or program’s impact or value;
  • Must be eight words or less; and
  • Should clearly complement and/or clarify your organization’s name
    without duplicating it.

I’ve worked with a lot of groups that don’t have taglines. After all, in some ways Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice, Campaign for Labor Rights, and East Timor Action Network are almost taglines in themselves. They convey the essence of the organization.

But Nancy’s report does have me thinking that maybe a tagline would be useful to answer some of the next questions: Labor rights in the U.S. or globally? Why work for peace in an interfaith context? What action does East Timor need?

I’m sure after I read her report I’ll have plenty of ideas about how we can help people undertand what we do and why we’re unique.

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