Scraping together some scratch for ballot campaigns

So, after complaining about how we always need to start from scratch to come up with campaign plans or other lessons from other community organizers, I turned to the true font of all wisdom and knowledge, Google, and found a few resources to help with ballot initiative campaign plans.

First of all, the Campaign Plan for the Florida Minimum Wage Campaign is quite interesting. The fact that this version is hosted on a conservative website tells you something, though. If nothing else, when running a ballot initiative, don’t say that it will change the outcome of a presidentatial election right there on page one. That’s a no-no.

Next, we have a PowerPoint presentation about successful transit funding ballot initiatives. There are some very interesting points in there about how to frame the issue and neutralize opposition. It also led me to the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center. There’s not much on their website, but I’m hoping for some good things from them.

And finally, the Sierra Nevada Alliance has a great organizing manual that includes both a chapter on campaign plans and a sample campaign plan.

There was plenty of other information on candidate campaigns, but I’d still like to see more campaign plan swapping for both ballot initiative campaigns on non-lobbying 501(c)(3) campaigns.

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