Practicing discontentment

As we begin 2008, I’ve been doing some goal setting using the Magnet Goals method developed by Marc Pitman.

I have no doubt that this process can lead to positive changes. My question is: is it also a way to practice discontentment?

As I go through the process, I don’t see myself counting my blessings. I see myself looking for every way that my life is somehow less than idea or lacking. I look for things to be unsatisfied with so I can change them.

Is this a good thing?

I used to be content with a cup of Folgers to wake me up. That gave me pleasure. Now, I hold my nose at Folgers and drink premium coffee. I’m not sure my snobbishness is progress.

Right now I’m very content with my life. I hope this goal setting process doesn’t make me see my life now the way I used to see Folgers.

One thought on “Practicing discontentment

  1. Marc A. Pitman

    Great question Chuck!

    Glad you’re trying out MagnetGoals.

    Your comment reminded me of Robert Browning’s quote: “A man’s grasp should exceed his reach, or what’s Heaven for?”

    I’m all for being content. I think it’s an important spiritual discipline.

    But it’s not an excuse for not growing. And if you look at nature, growth is a normal part of health.

    For me, as I review my MagnetGoals list throughout the year, I’m amazed at all God’s helped me accomplish.

    And when I’m writing them, I’m constantly asking, “What do You want me to be? To do? How can I best complete my purpose here on earth?”

    I hope that helps! Let me know how the process goes for you.


    PS I love the coffee analogy. After working as a Starbucks barista in the 90’s, I had to re-train my tastebuds to stomach Folgers. I like great coffee. But I don’t want my preferences to get in the way of receiving the hospitality of others!


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