Are Nonprofiteers better leaders?

The Nonprofit Quarterly is reporting on an interesting study that reports that nonprofit executives outscore for-profit leaders in 14 of 17 categories.

Does this mean that nonprofit managers are better lovers leaders? Or does it mean that nonprofit staffs are easier graders?

I do think it’s evidence that nonprofits and their leaders deserve more credit than they often get.

One thought on “Are Nonprofiteers better leaders?

  1. Nicole Summers

    As Executive Director of a small non-profit, I can attest that managing a non-profit demands a set of skills not always embraced by leaders of all business segments. To keep a group of talented, dedicated, and generally underpaid employees coming back to work and working hard every day, I have to be available to listen to them, take care of their needs, and empower them. Non profit staff work for a cause, not for a person, but it is my job to make certain the staff always feel tied to and invested in our non-profit’s mission.


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