Do too many activities mean not enough peace?

So I keep wondering if at ICPJ we try to do too much.

What if we did less, but we did it better?

What if we only took on projects if we were sure we could put in the energy to get the right number of people there*, follow up with our new contacts, train volunteers to take leadership roles, and get good visibility outside of the choir?

If we made this change, would we have more members?
Would we reach more communities?

And most of all…
Would we make more of an impact?

* When I say the “right number of the right people,” I’m not being elitist. Sometimes the “right number of right people” could be 5 clergy members from different traditions, or maybe 2 welfare recipients and a member of congress, or 300 people from throughout the community. My point is that some events are big events, some events are small; sometimes we reach out to wide audiences, sometimes we want to reach a more specific segment.

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